If you are a pilot or applying for your pilot’s license and have been diagnosed with certain conditions in the past, or used specific medications, then the FAA will require you to have a neuropsychological evaluation to assess your cognitive and emotional functioning. The FAA has a different set of tests required for each group of applicants, so the amount of time required and cost varies depending on the referral question.

ALL evaluations require an interview and the COGSCREEN-AE, as well as a review of applicable medical records, your academic records, driving records, information from family members, and possibly your flight instructor, employer, or other individual familiar with your abilities.

STEP ONE: Fax or email your FAA letter in its entirety to Dr. Lacy Fax: 770-760-0624, Email:drrlacy@mdofficemail.com Include your email and phone number so we can contact you with a quote and appointment openings. IF YOUR EVALUATION IS FOR ADHD….you must send ALL of your records that you have gathered for your AME and send them to Dr. Lacy PRIOR to scheduling your appointment. This is a new change per FAA policies dated 8/30/23. When you email your letter, we will email you a checklist of all of the documents required. Dr. Lacy must review your records prior to scheduling an appointment so that the proper evaluation can be performed.

STEP TWO: Schedule your evaluation as soon as you know you need one! If you wait until the latter half of your 60 or 90 day window, you will need to ask for an extension. We book fast and reports take time.

STEP THREE: Complete FAA Release for Certified Medical Records The FAA also requires that you complete a request for your certified file to be sent to Dr. Lacy. The information in your FAA certified medical file must be included for the report to be accepted. If you have applied for your license or ever held a student or pilot license, the FAA has a medical file for you. If you were sent a letter, the FAA sent you the form that must be completed. We can also provide one for you. If you write “HUDDLE” next to Dr. Lacy’s name, we will get the records more quickly in electronic form. The address for records to be sent to is:

Rachel Lacy, Psy.D., ABPP-CN (huddle) PO Box 58 Flowery Branch, GA 30542

STEP FOUR: Complete Office Paperwork Sent to You in Advance of Your Appointment

Dr. Lacy’s office will send you the initial paperwork for the evaluation to your email address via a website called DOCHUB, which allows you to complete and sign forms online. You will be completing that form, as well as:

1) a release of information to the FAA 2) a release of information to your AME

STEP FIVE: Arrange for an Entire Day of Testing

This is an all day evaluation from 9 am to 5 pm. Another day of 1-2 hours of testing is needed if the pilot doesn’t finish in one day. If you are driving in from another city or state, it is strongly recommended you spend the night in a nearby hotel so you do not have to deal with Atlanta traffic on your day of testing and you obtain a full night’s sleep.

STEP SIX: Arrange for Drug Testing (if required, for ADHD)

If you are undergoing testing for an ADHD diagnosis, then you MUST have a physician order a urine drug screen at the end of your testing day or within 24 hours of completing the evaluation. DR. LACY IS NOT AN MD AND CANNOT ORDER THIS TEST!

If you do not have your orders written for your drug screen in advance of your appointment, then you will most likely not complete your testing in one day and it will be noted in your report that you were not prepared. If you cannot get your order for your drug screen order written by the day of your evaluation, then we cannot perform the evaluation.

There are labs nearby and your appointment has to be after testing and not before. Dr. Lacy must receive a copy of this to send with her report to the FAA.

The test MUST include amphetamine and methylphenidate as part of the drug panel.
If testing takes you two days, then drug testing must occur after each day.  (2 drug tests)
Not all labs do drug testing!!! You must make these arrangements in advance! Drug testing labs nearby: Labcorp in Lawrenceville: last appt. taken is 4:30 pm (770-962-4847- walk-ins allowed) Quest in Lawrenceville (470-403-6095; stops all drug testing by noon) Healthstreet- healthstreet.net (no doctor order needed, patient schedules online, tests are more expensive.)

STEP SEVEN: Don’t Forget to Provide ALL of the Following On or Before Your Eval:

1. Medical records, including previous testing

2. Releases for doctors that provided services for your condition

3. Academic records

4. Traffic records

5. Release to speak to family member, employer, teacher, CFI, or co-worker 

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: The evaluations for the FAA are not covered by insurance as they are considered a fitness-for-duty evaluation and are not ordered by your doctor to diagnose a condition. We will not provide claims for you to file yourself for these evaluations. Therefore, these evaluations are always self-pay and will not be covered by insurance.